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Billing is the process of handling automated and manual financial transactions related to membership payments.
It includes the generation of invoices, tracking payments, managing different membership plans, handling recurring payments, and providing a system for financial reporting.

Failed Billing

It’s common for people’s payments to fail. Cards expire, bank accounts change, billing gets set up for the wrong day, sometimes we just have insufficient funds.

  • When a billing attempt fails, the payment line item in the member’s Account History will show with a red exclamation mark icon.
    • You can click the row to show more information on the billing attempt.
    • The expanded view may show you a list of Related Charges which that payment was attempting to pay for.
    • You’ll also see information on why the payment failed, known as the fail reason.

Resolve Failed Billing

Follow the recommended resolution in the Account History line item.
Some failure reasons from your billing provider will come with Error Codes.
If there’s no recommendation, or you come across a fail reason that you’re not sure about follow these steps before attempting to re-bill the member:

  • Contact Your Member

    • Check the basics; confirm that there is enough money in their account, their card is still active / their bank has authority set up, they haven’t received any notifications from their bank about blocked transactions
  • Contact Your Billing Provider

    • In most cases your billing provider will be able to tell you why the transaction failed, and the next steps to resolve the matter
    • Note: Some billing fail reasons come direct from the member’s bank / card issuer, so your billing provider might not be familiar with all fail reasons either
  • Contact GymMaster Support

    • If all else fails, we’re happy to help you get to the bottom of why your member’s billing has failed

Failed Billing Settings

Settings in Advanced Configuration will allow you to dictate the next automated step when billing results in a failed payment from member. The following selections can be made;

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Configuration

    • Billing

      • Billing Retry Interval - automatically retry failed billing after selected time-frame
      • Billing fail limit - select number of consecutive failed billing attempts before system marks member as ‘Pending Review’
        • If the selected number of attempts fail, GymMaster will switch a member’s automatic billing off to avoid incurring additional dishonour fees
      • Collect historic debts - enable debt collection attempts for any outstanding charges to continue for up to 6 months after membership expires
    • Doors & Readers

      • Stop After Owe - Time - select time period member may continue to access the gym when money is owed
      • Stop After Owe - Amount - select maximum amount member can owe before access is denied to the Club and new bookings are blocked

View All Failed Billing

The Debt Collection Report provides all overdue accounts, including failed payments.
Contact details for members are included in this report.