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Prospects are leads; potential members who have shown an interest in your gym but have not signed up for a membership.

Prospect Funnel Example

  • Expressed Interest - Prospects automatically enter the first stage of the funnel when they are manually added to GymMaster, come through the website, or enroll casually. Staff can now identify who has expressed interest or engaged with the gym casually and when this occurred
    • The required action for staff may involve contacting the prospect via email or phone to discuss their goals, offer a free assessment, or arrange a tour of the premises
  • Tour Booked - If prospect requests a gym tour, they can be placed by staff in the Tour Booked stage
    • After the tour, they may immediately move to Signed Up, Not Interested, or Tour Followup, depending on their decision
  • Tour Follow-Up - In the instance where prospect remains undecided after the gym tour, staff can move them to the ‘Tour Follow-Up’ stage
    • The prospect can be snoozed for a specific period, giving them time to consider their options, before staff follow up with a call or an email after a selected amount of time
  • Signed Up - At any point from their initial expression of interest, a prospect may choose to sign up for a membership
    • Staff can then shift them to the Signed Up stage in the prospect funnel
  • Not Interested - At any point where a prospect indicates they are disinterested in any involvement with the gym, they can be moved to the Not Interested' stage

Please note that a prospect can only be in one stage of the funnel at a time

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