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Billing is the process of handling automated and manual financial transactions related to membership payments.

Integrated Billing Process

The full integrated billing process in GymMaster typically takes 3-5 working days. Actual duration varies based on billing providers and banks.
The billing process involves multiple steps;

1. GymMaster initiates payment request to Billing Provider
GymMaster initiates automatic payments early in the morning each day. This automated process ensures that members are billed according to their membership agreements.
In addition to automatic payments, manual transactions can be requested throughout the day via the Point of Sale (POS) system.

2. Billing Provider sends payment request to member’s bank
Banks typically process payments overnight.

3. Bank updates Billing Provider
Once processing is complete, billing provider receives outcome of payment requests.

4. Billing Provider updates GymMaster
GymMaster periodically requests the status of payments sent to billing providers.
The system automatically performs this status check approximately three times a day. Alternatively, you can manually check payment statuses by navigating to Report & Till > Billing > Check Billing

5. Settlement
Many facilities have an account with their chosen billing provider, which collects settled payments on their behalf, subtracting transaction fees.
The amount collected by the billing provider, minus transaction fees, is then disbursed to your facility’s designated bank account.
The specifics of this settlement process can vary depending on your billing provider, as different providers may have their own procedures and timelines.

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