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Billing is the process of handling automated and manual financial transactions related to membership payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I refund a payment?

    • Yes, some billing providers support refunds.
    • If refund button is visible in GymMaster (for billing transaction in question) it’s likely your billing provider supports refunds.
    • For more info go to Refunding Payments
  • Member was billed, but I don’t see the reference in GymMaster.

    • Member details may be added to wrong member in GymMaster.
    • Check billing batches on the day of transaction, for both GymMaster and billing processor.
    • You should find references there.
  • Member’s billing has failed, I don’t know why?

    • If error isn’t clear but refers to your billing processor, contact your billing processor for clarification.
    • For more info go to Failed Billing
  • Why was member able to access gym after failed payment?

    • Billing processing times may vary, specifically between time the transaction was sent for processing, and when GymMaster received a report from billing processor that the same transaction was settled
    • For any recurring billing transactions, it may take up to 5 working days
  • What do I do when member’s billing status has changed to Pending Review? - Billing Automatically Disabled - Pending Review

  • How to I transfer members to a new Billing Provider? - Moving your Members to a new Billing Provider

  • How do I transfer members to GymMaster Integrated Billing? - Moving your Members to GymMaster Integrated Billing

  • What do the accounting terms and icons mean? - Accounting terminology and icons

    • See more terms defined in the Glossary
  • How to I manually send an invoice to a member? - Invoicing

  • How can I view future billing charges for a member? - Preview Billing for a Member

  • How can I view future integrated billing batches? - Upcoming Integrated Billing Batch

  • How do I do manual billing? - Manual Billing Only

    • Manual billing is not suggested long-term, but might be used as a strategy temporarily when setting up your gym, before shifting to Automatic Billing
    • We suggest you set manual billing up with the assistance of a GymMaster Support Team member, to ensure steps are understood accurately
  • How do I set up and use Ezidebit? - Ezidebit Configuration and Use

  • Ezidebit Error; ‘Add payment denied - Only active customers can have payments added to their schedule’ - Ezidebit Error

  • What are dishonor fees? - Dishonor Fees

  • How do I clear a charge using a Credit Note? - Credit Notes - Clear a Charge

  • How do I use member credit towards a payment in Point of Sale? - Use Member Credit for Payment

  • Can I change members payment day for membership? Change Payment Date