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When a reader is functioning correctly, there is a visual and audible response when holding an RFID fob against it. This signifies that the reader has recognised the RFID fob. The LED should turn off briefly, and then come back on. The reader will also make a sound, a single beep or sequence of beeps. This article troubleshoots the scenario when there is no visual, or audible response from your reader when an RFID fob is held against it.

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If the problem is localised to the reader, other fobs wont work on this reader either. If the problem is localised to the RFID fob, this fob wont work on other readers either.


  1. Verify the fob is working at another reader
    • Requires your facility to have another RFID reader
    • If the fob is working then the problem is most likely with the reader. Continue troubleshooting below
  2. Try another RFID fob on the reader
    • It's possible that the fob has been damaged, or is faulty
    • If you've received a new order of fobs, and there's a particularly high fail rate in that order, contact the GymMaster support team