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GymMaster Software Release v1295

Mon, Mar 18, 2024  

Initial Release: 18th March 2024


  • Added Customisable Portal Buttons. This will give you more control and customisation of the portal navigation buttons and can be modified through ‘Settings’ > ‘Member Portal’ > ‘Edit Portal Buttons’.

General Improvements:

  • Added a “Cancel” button to the New Stocktake modal.
  • Added Member Portal setting ‘Enable membership hold via Member Portal while member is owing’.
  • If the Zoom integration is enabled and the booking is set to be livestreamed, a portal livestream url will be added to the email body for the booking confirmation.
  • Report date range and filters that are set from the report list view will be remembered across reports and when editing.
  • Added ‘Invoice Header Label’ Advanced Configuration setting that is the text that is displayed at the top of the Tax Invoice.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where system generated invoice ids could conflict with custom set invoice ids.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Commission Settings Have Been Altered’ warning was sometimes incorrectly showing when saving booking settings pages.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Pay Owing’ in the members portal was not working for some currencies.
  • Fixed issue where the Date of Birth input was not saving when making a casual service booking through the Members Portal.
  • Fixed issue where exporting a report to the ‘xlxs’ file format was not working.
  • Fixed issue where sorting on the table of tasks on the ‘Task’ page was not working.
  • Fixed issue with the Zoom integration that was preventing use of the resource edit page.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a roster for an ‘All Clubs’ door benefit was not working.
  • Fixed issue where products on the member portal were not sorted by the set sort order.
  • Fixed the download csv button for multisite report.
  • Improved consistency throughout the system for the charge generation for ‘Charge Per Visit’ for different member check-in methods.
  • Fixed issue where SMS task notifications would incorrectly use the ‘Booking’ communication preference in some instances.