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GymMaster Software Release v1290

Thu, Mar 7, 2024  

Initial Release: 4th March 2024

General Improvements:

  • Added ‘Enable Billing Information for Prospects’ Advanced Configuration setting that will allow you to add and manage billing information for prospects.
  • Added membership filter to the ‘X Week Fitness Reassessment’ task trigger.
  • Allow non-admin staff to change their own email address.
  • The Member Portal will now display the upfront fee on the details page when signing up for a membership.
  • Improvements to manual member check-in validation for booking based access.
  • Various tweaks to the Shared Membership user interface.
  • Rename the ‘Member Refer a Friend URL’ insert field to ‘Member Refer a Friend Details page URL [auto login to portal]’ to make it more clear on what this field actually is.
  • Rename the ‘Failed Billing’ and ‘Failed Billing Online’ task names to ‘Failed Billing - Automatic Batch’ and ‘Failed Billing - Online’ to make it more clear what they do.
  • Added Task Trigger ‘Questionnaire Completed’ that triggers when a Questionnaire is completed by a member.
  • Improved the Insert Fields by rename the ‘Booking Time’ field to ‘Booking Start Time’ and added ‘Booking End Time’ field.
  • Added ‘Referrals in Period’ report.
  • Added SMS opt-in to the casual signup process when done directly from the book service/class forms.
  • Adjusted the order of the ‘Settings’ dropdown options for the Japanese language.
  • Added modal for selecting product type or supplier when creating new stocktake.
  • Added a ‘Member Count’ on the member label page to display how many members have a given label applied.
  • Added a report source field for ‘Resource Type Name’ on booking reports.
  • The ‘Graph’ button is now hidden on the members Measurement page if there is no measurement data for that member.
  • Added ‘Show counts’ option when doing a stocktake, that when disabled will hide what the system has the current stock recorded as in the system.
  • Adjusted the interface for clearing outstanding tasks to make it more easy to use.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where the help text on the ‘Services’ page would be poorly formatted on mobile and tablet resolutions.
  • Added additional status checking to failed billing payments to fix rare issues where the transaction status from the billing provider goes from failed to successful.
  • Improve validation when making a booking with a booking discount code that has an available period in the future.
  • Fixed issue where the billing preview was not accounting for the value set for the ‘Global max export value’ Advanced Configuration.
  • Fixed various issues with the ‘Only Available on First Booking’ option on booking discount codes preventing the moving of bookings and applying the code on existing bookings.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Credit Notes’ could not be used to pay for linked member charges.
  • Removed the First Payment date input box for Paid In Full memberships when ‘Enable selection of first payment date’ is enabled. First payment date for PIF memberships is not important and can be skipped.
  • When editing benefits on a membership type, benefits for historic services will clearly display that it is for a historic service.
  • Fixed issue where app notifications via tasks were not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the schedule drag and drop functionality allowed you to bypass the “Allowed Service Type Categories” restriction.
  • Fixed the date formatting of the Promotion End Date display in Member Portal Sign Up.
  • Added Member Portal setting ‘Show emergency contact relationship on sign-up’.