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GymMaster Software Release v1285

Mon, Feb 19, 2024  

Initial Release: 19th February 2024


  • Added a new transfer tool for improved importing of member and membership information into Gymmaster.

General Improvements:

  • Improved the navigation for the ‘Template’ pages, this includes being able to more easily open pages in different tabs.
  • Introduce a new general API key for api requests and that the app will use. The existing API key is now a high permission API key that allows for more powerful actions outside of the scope of normal API usages. This change was implemented to improve security.
  • Added Korean as an available translation in the language selection.
  • Made advanced configuration settings ‘Use Generic Member Avatars’ available. Enabling this will use generic members avatars to remove any distinguishing traits or characteristics from randomly allocated avatars.
  • Added the functionality to translate account journal notes into other languages. Some journal notes have also been reworded to be more clear and concise.
  • Added multiple report columns for ‘Initial Membership’ for the first membership in a chain of follow-on memberships.
  • Renamed ‘primary facility’ to ‘parent facility’.
  • Rename the ‘Occurred’ date field on invoices to ‘Date’.
  • Blacklisting a member will now invalidate and block all API requests, app and portal logins for that member.
  • Added ‘Signup Method’ report field that displays whether the member signs up through ‘App Signup’, ‘Member Portal Signup’ or ‘Staff Signup’.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues where the interface for adding promotion periods for ‘Paid In Full’ membership types was incorrectly displaying if the edit page was accessed through an existing membership type.
  • Fixed issue where some of the fields on the ‘Add Member’ page would not load correctly if there were custom date fields.
  • Fixed issue where bookings with the status ‘Confirmed Booking’ were not counted in the upcoming booking list in the members profile card.