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GymMaster Software Release v1234

Mon, Sep 18, 2023  

Initial Release: 18th September 2023


  • Full overhaul of the member page for improved design and usability. This is a slow rollout over the next few weeks. You can manually opt-in by enabling the ‘Member Design Version 5’ Advanced Configuration setting.
  • Added an option to send app notifications from task triggers.

General Improvements:

  • Moved the ‘Select All’ and ‘Next’ buttons to the top of the page on the recipient selection page for mass communications.
  • Added an option to remove images on workout exercises.
  • Expanded the input text area for notes for booking for better visibility and input of notes.
  • Moved the ‘Global min export value’ option from ‘Club Details’ to ‘Advanced Configuration’ to be located in the same location as the ‘Global min export value’ setting.
  • Added 18 placeholder images for members when the ‘Enable gender’ Advanced Configuration setting is disabled.
  • Added two new staff themes, ‘Bubble’ and ‘Legacy.’
  • Improved portal signup for linked members in the portal to make adding memberships to linked members more streamlined.
  • Renamed the staff access right ‘Admin’ template to ‘Basic Admin.’
  • Improved the design of selecting a staff access rights template by moving it into a modal.
  • Disabled the JWT Zoom functionality. All Zoom integrations need to be swapped over to the OAuth Zoom integration method.
  • Now, require a task type to have a ‘Task Life Expectancy’ set to prevent old tasks from existing in the system for too long.

Notable Bug fixes:

  • Fixed undesired behavior when changing the membership type of a membership that has a discount code applied.
  • Fixed various issues with saving the ‘Club Details’ page.
  • Fixed an issue where clubs without email addresses were showing up in the ‘Address Book.’
  • Fixed an issue where tasks with only a label action were not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a member’s visit history did not include visits on the current day.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the guardian’s signature for a minor was not prompted for during the sign & complete process.
  • Fixed an issue where the status of an email in the members' communications tab sometimes showed an outdated status.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior that prevented future members from making bookings at non-member rates before the membership start date.
  • Fixed an issue where the iCal file for members syncing their calendar for class bookings was sometimes not correctly attached to class booking confirmation emails.