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GymMaster Software Release v1220

Mon, Sep 4, 2023  

Initial Release: 4th September 2023

General Improvements:

  • Added additional selectable time ranges for class auto cancellations.
  • Various page layout improvements for Discount Codes and Referrals.
  • Various improvements to Theme styling and readability.
  • Improve the Member Portal manage subscriptions page to improve understanding on what communication types members are unsubscribing from.
  • Improved email CC and BCC selection. The input now has dropdowns for club, staff, or associate members (linked members, emergency contact, secondary email) email addresses on file, as well as allowing any external email addresses to be added.
  • Deprecated the Trainer Saturation and Trainer Payroll Reports. Trainer Saturation was deprecated due to a lack of use. Trainer Payroll was deprecated due to its functionality being a duplicate of the Trainer Commission Report.
  • Deprecated the Visitor log of Trainer Report. This functionality has been moved to the Trainer Performance report.
  • Improve picture compression resulting in large images generally retaining more detail.
  • Added advanced configuration setting ‘Email membership contracts from tasks’ that will attach the membership contract on ‘Member First Joined’ and ‘Member First Joined Online’ task triggers.
  • Added new report ‘Incomplete Memberships’, this report is for all memberships that are incomplete, that are created within the date range.

Notable Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where the ‘Present key fob’ modal did not close automatically after being presented with a key fob.
  • Fixed issue where custom CSS in the Member Portal had different priority depending on if the portal shows the club logo.
  • Fixed issue where members without memberships checking in through the kiosk would not have their member card correctly displayed.
  • Fixed issue where receipts would show ‘Paid’ before the transaction has settled. Processing transactions will now show as ‘Billing Members Account’.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Non Renewal’ option on the Membership Type page was not saving correctly.
  • Fixed issue where referral delay period started from when the code was added instead of the membership start date.
  • Fixed issue where receipt showed the full surname of staff on the receipts. This has been changed to just show the first initial of the surname to protect privacy and match existing behavior in other parts of the system.
  • Fixed issue where a long resource name would misalign the schedule.