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GymMaster Software Release v1200

Mon, Jul 10, 2023  

Initial Release: 10th July 2023

General Improvements:

  • Discount Codes entered by members in the portal will automatically try to apply when they navigate away from the input box.
  • Various improvements to the Prospect Funnel.
  • Editing and saving the door readers page will restart the gatekeeper software to apply the changes immediately.

Notable Bug fixes:

  • Children of Shared membership are now eligible to use that membership for prerequisite membership.
  • Fixed issue where the Staff selection dropdown was not working correctly when filtering the staff attendance report by club.
  • Fixed issue where clearing filters on the products page would show all products from all clubs in the list instead of products only available at the selected club.
  • Fixed issue where members with a deadline for owing incorrectly had the status ‘Access Blocked’.
  • Fixed issue where manual check-ins by staff were blocked when a member had an unpaid auto-checkin booking on the door.
  • Improved stability and validation of real time payment transactions in the Members Portal.