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GymMaster Software Release v1196

Tue, Jun 27, 2023  

Initial Release: 27th June 2023


  • Added functionality to allow non-restricted door access to members without the associated door benefits if they have a booking on selected resources. This is configurable through the ‘Doors & Readers’ settings page.

General Improvements:

  • Added an option to immediately remove prospects from the prospect funnel.
  • Added email fields and report fields for ‘Potential Dishonor Fees’ that displays what the dishonor fee would be if they fail billing.
  • Added a club filter on invoice reports.
  • Added option to add discount codes to ‘additional members’ on signup.
  • Expanded tasks for more triggers involving prospects and actions to influence the prospect funnel.
  • Added task triggers for members that no-show to bookings/classes a specified number of times.
  • Added report source field for ‘Booking Discount Code Used’ for bookings reports.
  • Added attendees count in the printed enrolment.
  • Added redeem limits for referrals to limit the amount of rewards a member can get from referring.
  • Added icon to report list to show if the report has a filter applied to it.
  • Updated the Display in ‘View Stock’ to separate ‘Sold’ stock and ‘Adjusted’ stock for better clarity on stock movement.

Notable Bug fixes:

  • Improve the migration of member benefits when members change clubs.
  • Fixed issue where membership adjustments were sometimes not transferring correctly to linked members when using combined invoices.
  • Many stability and quality of life improvements for the updated ‘Booking and Classes’ page.