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Release Notes v1169

Thu, Apr 13, 2023  

Initial Release: 13th April 2023


  • Added new SMS provider for the North America region .

General Improvements:

  • Expanded the ‘Staff Access Rights’ for ‘Check-in & Doors’ for more control over what staff are able to have remote door access.
  • Renames the ‘Readers’ page to ‘Doors & Readers’ throughout the system.

Notable Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where additional members added to shared memberships remained flagged as a prospect.
  • Fixed issue with the ‘Affected automations’ list in the ‘Templates’ showing automations that are disabled in advanced configuration.
  • Fixed issue where saving a ‘Discount code’ with an error would show a generic error message and prevent any subsequent save attempts.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes membership contracts were not automatically generated when renewing memberships.
  • Fixed issue where the portal would show the old membership contract if the membership type was changed by staff.