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This article provides troubleshooting instructions for WI-FI desktop readers showing as offline. This is guide is intended for those that have previously configured the WI-FI desktop reader with a working connection. Please refer to this guide if you are yet to configure your desktop reader. Otherwise please refer to the Gatekeeper Sentinel (WI-FI) Setup documentation provided with the reader

Tick the checkbox after completing a test and use the Notes fields to record the outcome

If your reader is not receiving sufficient current it wont be able to establish a network connection. Follow all the instructions below to check that the reader is powered sufficently. This will require a Laptop / Computer or a USB charger (5V ~1A) that the reader will be plugged into. The reader should have a light that will be on when the reader is powered on.


  1. Check USB cables are plugged in to a power source. This can be Laptop / Computer or a USB charger (5V ~1A) that provides power.
  2. Unplug and plug connected cable into working power source