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GymMaster Software Release v1310

Mon, Apr 29, 2024  

Initial Release: 29th April 2024

General Improvements:

  • Various design and usability improvements to the new Schedule page.
  • Updated the labels in the ‘Online’ section when editing a Membership Type to remove the unnecessary use of the word ‘online’ in multiple labels.
  • Added the names of the additional shared member to the corresponding charge on the primary member’s Account Statements.
  • The ‘Communication’ tab when viewing a prospect through the Prospect Funnel will now show communications sent via Automations (ie. Tasks).
  • Added Advanced Configuration setting ‘Benefits Grace Period’ that will allow unused benefits to be carried over to the following periods for the length of the grace period set.
  • Added Advanced Configuration setting ‘Limit embedding of Member Portal to specific URLs’ that will limit what web pages that the member portal can be embedded in. This is to allow you to prevent anyone other than your own website from having the portal embedded.
  • Improve Japanese translation coverage throughout the system.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various issues with the new Schedule page to restore previous functionality.
  • Fixed issue where the group booking invite link would generate incorrectly in some parts of the Member Portal.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible for a member to get incorrectly billed for a membership on that membership’s end date.
  • Fixed issue where some PayChoice failed billing reasons we were incorrectly being marked as ‘Dishonoured’ when they should have been marked as ‘Failed’.
  • Fixed issue where the gymmaster ‘Startup’ tutorial was not correctly proceeding to the next step on the ‘Club Details’ page.
  • Fixed issue where the page would redirect to the Add Membership tab when adding a Prospect member.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the tailgating preview image on the visitor logs was not available, resulting in some tailgating evidence being unviewable.
  • Fixed issue where member Address could not be removed by staff. If left blank the address would revert to what it was previously saved as.
  • Fixed issue where shared memberships that are starting in the future were not showing up on the Linked/Shared Member page.
  • Fixed issue readability viewing the saved cards with the PaySafe while using the Dark Mode theme.
  • Fixed issue where additional members on a shared concession membership were able to make some service bookings that they shouldn’t be able to.
  • Manual door entries made by staff will now immediately be reflected in the Visitor page. Previously the page would need to be refreshed to see these entries.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘SmartPay’ help link would take you to the documentation for the wrong region.