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GymMaster Software Release v1270

Mon, Jan 8, 2024  

Initial Release: 8th January 2024


  • Added new billing provider ‘Xendit’ to support the Indonesian and Philippine regions.
  • Added option when sending an email to a specific member to specify the membership to use for insert fields.
  • Added support for adding generated attachments to email templates. Templates with the category ‘Membership’ can have membership contracts or cancellation agreements attached dynamically.

General Improvements:

  • Added task trigger ‘Prospect Funnel Stage Changed’ that is triggered when a prospect is moved into the specified prospect funnel stage.
  • Added option to include additional members of a shared membership in the maintenance fee.
  • Add mass SMS opt-in to MessageMedia page for North American clients using MessageMedia integration instead of Twilio.
  • Added warning when altering commission settings that changes will only apply to new bookings. Including instructions on how to update the old booking commission if required.
  • Adds SMS opt-in to portal enquiry and casual booking forms for North American clients. Members can now opt-in to SMS messages during all forms of ‘sign up’ via portal.
  • Added option to display the ‘Time Worked’ field in the Staff Attendance report as a decimal to make it easier for pay calculations.
  • The ‘Last Updated’ display on the advanced configuration will now display the Staff’s name instead of the username. This should make it easier to identify what staff has made changes as the username is not commonly displayed in the system.
  • Added a ‘Product Purchased’ task trigger.
  • Added Confirmation emails that get sent to members when they request a hold or cancellation informing them that the request has been received. The template used can be set in the ‘Member Portal’ settings ‘Membership Hold Request Received Template’ and ‘Membership Cancellation Request Received Template’.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where members could circumvent minimum cancel notice periods. The system now prevents members from adding holds to canceled minimum cancel notice memberships through members portal.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Invoice number’ field in the Accounts and Billing tab was scrollable that could make it difficult to navigate the page.
  • Removed the clickable email link on the user administration staff list. The link opened an email client application on the computer to email the staff. This feature was rarely used and clicking these links by mistake could make this page frustrating to navigate.
  • Fixed issue where editing a historic staff member could inadvertently unhistoric them.
  • Fixed issue where non-sharable memberships could have shared members resulting in a broken interface. Changing the membership type of a membership is now blocked if that member is actively sharing it.
  • Fixed issue where saving a custom membership contract with an empty body would result in the contract failing to generate.
  • Reintroduce the option to copy linked member contact information when creating a new linked member for the new page design.
  • Fixed issue where portal signup for clubs marked as a ‘Head Office’ was not working.