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GymMaster Software Release v1210

Mon, Aug 7, 2023  

Initial Release: 07th August 2023


  • Added Support for the Zoom OAuth Integration. This will allow new Zoom accounts to integrate with Gymmaster after the previous Integration method was deprecated by Zoom.
  • Added a Member Portal Style Editor page that will allow easy modification to basic Member Portal color and styling. This can be found under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Integrations’ -> ‘Asset File Manager’ -> ‘Member Portal Style Editor’.

General Improvements:

  • Improved the ‘Custom Staff Hours’ advanced configuration setting for improved validation and better understandability.
  • Improved the fail reason response display from the GlobalPay billing provider.
  • Allow booking cancellation notification templates sent by staff to be different to the template used when a member cancels themselves. The new advanced config option is ‘Email template used for Booking Cancellations by Staff Members’.
  • Patch notes will now be marked as ‘Read’ in the notification section if any staff member reads them.
  • Added email field and report source field ‘Member Update Emergency Contacts Information URL’.

Notable Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where updating the ‘Max Attendees’ for a repeat class updated it for all classes in the series.
  • Fixed issue where members with an existing legacy referral were incorrectly converted to the updated referral link system when saving a members profile.
  • Fixed issue with the promotion period duration when editing memberships or discount codes being incorrect when promo periods were longer than a year.
  • Fixed issue where the visitors page was not automatically updating when a member checked in.
  • Fixed issues that were preventing rooms and equipment from being selectable when creating a class on v2 schedule. Requires ‘Allow rooms or equipment on classes’ Advanced Config to be enabled.