RFID Key Tags

USD $1.30

Let your gym members enter and check-in to your club securely by assigning them their own RFID key tag or key cards.

Each key tag is unique, allowing GymMaster to identify who checked-in and when. If a gym member leaves, you can reuse the tag by assigning them to another member.

Commonly Used in Conjunction With

*Hardware is supplied by GymMaster and will require installation.

Gym Door Reader (RFID + Bluetooth)

Price: USD $590.00

The gym door reader is a Keypad, RFID & Bluetooth scanner that allows gym members entry to your club while automatically checking them in and logging their visit in GymMaster.

Tailgating Detection System

Price: USD $800.00

An advanced camera system for detecting and notifying staff of non-members following your clients into the club after swiping their key tags.


Price: USD $380.00

The brains of the operation, the GymMaster Gatekeeper is the communication hub between GymMaster and your doors