GymMaster Blog for July, 2017

Feature Spotlight: Related Payments under Account History

Friday, July 28th, 2017
It’s now even easier to identify which payment is associated with each charge on our Member Accounts Tab: When you scroll down the page to the account history, you can hover your mouse over a payment and the charge to which it is related will have a shadowed area on the left: This means you can easily identify the payments that have been received, and the purchases to which they are related. For more details on our latest upgrades you can see these listed on our Release notes page. GymMaster’s ongoing development is part of our commitment to being the…

Feature Spotlight: Adding Product Discounts via Member Benefits

Friday, July 28th, 2017

A great way to reward your members is by including member benefits, such as special offers, discounts or freebies on products for certain memberships. We’ve made this really easy for you, your staff and your members.

Maybe you want to give your Gold Members free towel hire, or you want to promote your club by offering free water bottles to your Premium members. Perhaps you’re just looking at increasing sales on your beverage range – either way we can help!

Now, when you add a benefit to a membership:

You can choose a product, apply a percentage discount on all …