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This error means that there is a discrepancy between the model of the reader connected to your Gatekeeper, and the reader type that your Gatekeeper has been configured to expect. At the end of the error message it will state which reader type the software is detecting. The solution is fairly simple, the reader type needs to be reconfigured. The detected reader type will match one of the listed reader types in the GymMaster system. If you're having trouble identifying your reader type, you can use our hardware identification page

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Admin Access Required

Update your reader configuration to match correct reader model


  1. In GymMaster, navigate to your door configuration section. Settings > Door Readers
  2. From your list of readers, identify the one with the Version Mismatch error and click the [Edit] button
  3. From the reader configuration page, locate the Reader Type field under the Gatekeeper Configuration section
  4. Change the Reader Type to the correct one, then save your changes
  5. Finally, sync your changes with your Gatekeeper by clicking the [Restart Software] button