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GymMaster Software Release v1325

Tue, Jun 11, 2024  

Initial Release: 11th June 2024

General Improvements:

  • Added a new status icon for ‘Processing’ payments in member’s account history.
  • Added member report field ‘Last Visit Deny Reason’.
  • Improve spelling and capitalization consistency throughout the system.
  • The system will now prevent duplicate memberships being added to a member, this is to help prevent staff/member error resulting in members getting double billed. A member cannot have more than 1 membership that has the same Membership Type, Membership Start Date and Membership Fee.
  • Add Display Mode option to ‘New Online Members’ report.
  • Added a new ‘Change Plan’ page under ‘Settings’ > ‘Club Details’ > ‘GymMaster Account’ > ‘Change Plan’ to help you manage your GymMaster subscription.
  • Added a warning message if the setting ‘Enable selection of membership start date’ is enabled and a member is trying to sign up where external factors such as Club Opening Date or Time Limited Memberships override the start date that the member has set.
  • Emails sent with a specified staff member as the sender will now use that staff member’s name as the display when sent to the member.
  • The ‘highlighted’ waivers section on a member’s page will now display un-collapsed if the waiver is unsigned.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where using multiple billing providers, could result in Member Portal transactions using the incorrect default billing method.
  • Fixed issue where staff members were able to create templates available to all clubs even if they did not have access rights to every club.
  • Fixed issue where Additional Instructors were not displaying when viewing a class.
  • Fixed issue with discount code validation for memberships where the selected available memberships within a selected division were not being correctly restricted.
  • Fixed issue where loading exercise images were loading slowly.
  • Fixed inconsistency in the display of ‘Minimum term’ length display in the portal. In some places it was displayed in months, and in others it will display in days.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Member Visits This Month’ KPI not comparing previous month.
  • Fixed issue when signing up to a Shared Memberships in the portal would interpret an empty ‘Shared Membership Limit’ as 0, instead of unlimited resulting in additional members not able to be added.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Invoice Number’ was incorrectly using the label for ‘Tax Number’ on the Tax Invoice.
  • Fixed issue where empty records for deleted members were being displayed through some API endpoints.
  • Fixed issue with Manual stock adjustments in the ‘Product Sales in Period’ report resulting in the dollar value to be under-reported.
  • Fixed issue where some member signatures were not viewable, these signatures have now been restored.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Not interested’ option for prospect was only working when the ‘Details’ tab selected.
  • Improve ‘Prospect Attended a Service’ task trigger so that the logic correctly matches the task description.
  • Fixed the date format for the ‘First payment Date’ input field while using the Japanese language option.
  • Fixed issue the user would incorrectly be warned against adding a door benefit to an add-on membership when the ‘Club Visit Pack’ was selected.