GymMaster Blog for July, 2014

Are my health club members getting older?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
There has been some fear in the industry about the age of members getting older, and being less engaged with younger members. The age of the members joining is getting younger over the last 5 years. But that isn’t the full story. The age demographic in gyms varies greatly. Some gyms have strong younger following, especially close to universities and colleges, as well as group fitness orientated facilities, which tend to pull in younger members.

Top 10 Tips on Improving Your Health Club’s Cash Flow

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
Cash flow is important to your gym… without it your business stops. Putting in some simple systems to maintain good cash flow is essential to your business’ success.

1. Standardize how and when you collect money

Having a dozen different ways you collect money from members makes your life harder. It becomes a lot harder to manage members dues if they are all paying different amounts, at different times and by various means, eg: credit card, over the counter or internet banking. I’m often amazed by the different arrangements of billing providers, frequency of payment and surrounding procedures.