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Automated Communication

GymMaster offers a comprehensive automation and retention management system your one stop gym software solution. This Task Type feature allows you to monitor for a wide range of typical member events e.g. Expiring Members, Missed Payments, Non-visitation, Upcoming Bookings, Birthdays, etc. It then allows you to customize how and when you follow up. Not only can you choose how and when GymMaster follows up on communications, but you can also respond differently to different groups. Whether it is choosing to follow up with ongoing members who haven’t visited lately, or being more proactive with debt collection for low margin memberships – GymMaster gives you the ability to not only reduce work for admin staff with your gym software, but also the opportunity to enhance and optimize your processes.  

More hands on

If you prefer more control, GymMaster can simply be programmed to automatically remind you that it may be time to send out an SMS or email. If the content is potentially sensitive, the system gives you the ability to make the final call before sending. Alternatively, set up a reminder to call or a pop-up when the member comes in so you can add more of a personal touch.