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The Ultimate All-in-One Gym Management System for Your Franchise 

GymMaster makes managing your gym franchise easy with its all-in-one integrated gym management system. Create an offering that scales with ease and offers the best experience for your members and franchisees. 

Multi-Site Gym Door Access

If you wish them to, members can visit any club in your franchise with the same membership card or key fob. This makes it easier to manage multiple locations at once. 

Member App & Website Portals

Our customizable app and website portals allow you to easily promote your brand and it’s offering across multiple channels. It also allows for online sign ups and bookings so you can quickly capture new leads whenever a potential customer visits your page. Apps can even be custom branded to include as part of your offer to franchisees. 

Automated Billing for Memberships

Automatically handle all of your membership payments from one central location. This eliminates the need to manually process payments at each club location saving time and energy on administration tasks. Plus, it increases accuracy by ensuring that each payment is correctly recorded without errors or discrepancies. 

Franchise Reporting & Analytics

Get an overview of how each branch is performing in real time with our easy to use reporting system that provides data on sales trends, number of visitors per branch etc., helping you make informed decisions about how best to improve efficiency across all clubs in the network. 

Customer Support

Enjoy access to our helpful customer service team who are available 24/7 via phone or email if ever you need help getting set up or troubleshooting any of your specific requirements! 

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