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This article covers troubleshooting for IP cameras, used as part of the Tailgating system. 'Tailgating Cameras Offline', means that your Gatekeeper is not able to communicate with both of the cameras.

Tick the checkbox after completing a test and use the Notes fields to record the outcome

The Tailgating cameras require 12 watts of power each to function correctly. They can be powered by dedicated power supplies, or using Power over Ethernet (PoE).


  1. Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    • Verify your switch is PoE capable
    • Check the cameras are plugged in to the switch's PoE ports
    • Check the switch PoE meets the camera's power requirements, 12 watts per camera. With two cameras, your PoE switch will need a capacity of at least 24 watts, with no other PoE devices connected
    • Try using a dedicated power supply instead of PoE
  2. Dedicated power supply
    • Check the physical power connections. The power supply is properly plugged in to an outlet, or connected to mains
    • Check the power supply meets the camera's power requirements. 12 volts, 1 amp