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Try out the start a gym calculator below and learn the amount of capital you’ll need to start your own gym business.


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Start a gym costs calculator

This start a gym costs calculator will generate a ballpark figure for you to set as a target in starting your own gym. This is a simple rough estimate based on the type of gym you’re looking to start, real results May vary based on your unique gym management style and circumstances.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this start a gym costs calculator?

This gym costs calculator will provide an insight into potential expected costs for starting your own gym so you can make more informed decisions when saving for–and investing in your facility.

Is this start a gym costs calculator free?

Yes, this tool is completely free and there’s no catch. At GymMaster our goal is to help gym owners succeed at any stage of their fitness business journey.

How does this free start a gym costs calculator work?

This calculator, informed by our in-depth knowledge of the health and fitness industry after having dealt with several thousand gyms across more than 75 countries, provides an insight into the costs of setting up your own fitness facility.

It provides a ballpark figure you can use to inform your saving and investment goals when trying to start your own gym, based on metrics entered by you.

Why is it important to understand the cost of starting a gym?

If it’s your first time starting a gymstaffing_cost_first_month, it’s critical to have a basic understanding of the potential costs to getting your facility up and running. With our experience working with gym owners all over the world, underestimating costs is One of the most frequent reasons for gym businesses going belly up.

What type of gym is this start a gym cost calculator suitable for?

This calculator has been designed to help would-be gym owners start fitness businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve taken into consideration differences between class-based studios, big-box 24/7 gyms and anything in between.

What about the ongoing costs of running a gym?

This calculator is only intended and designed to provide insight into the setup costs of starting a gym. However, you’ll be Pleased to learn that we actually already have another calculator on our website for people wanting to understand the Ongoing costs of running their fitness business.

The cost of starting a gym seems high, what can I do?

If you think the cost of starting your gym appear high, fret not! There’s a range of possibilities help to get you into your fitness business sooner while being more accomodating to the wallet.

For example, you could rent your building, finance or lease your equipment. Some people see great success in Doing things this way, however, if it’s your first facility your number one goal should really be profitability.

This means focusing on how long it takes to get your money back. For example, you could easily take out a loan to start your business, which may sound scary, but if you optimise the ongoing costs of running your gym it can really ramp up the speed of paying it off.

How do I make my gym profitable more quickly?

Running a gym profitably can be a daunting task for new owners who have just taken the leap for the first time.

There’s a lot of moving parts to running a fitness business, and as your membership and offerings grow, so does the level of complexity that goes into keeping things running smoothly.

Many gym owners fall into the trap of thinking that working harder for longer hours is the answer.

In reality, the focus should be on streamlining the operations of the business so you can focus your energy on growing it, improving the member experience and building a community people want to be part of.

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