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Terms, Conditions and Referral Qualification Criteria

Terms, Conditions, and Referral Qualification Criteria for the GymMaster Refer a Business Program:

1. Participation Eligibility:
- All existing customers are eligible to participate in the referral program.

2. Qualification Period:
- Both the referrer and the referred business must complete a minimum of 3 months for credit allocation.

3. Referral Process:
- Referrals are valid only when the business is referred through the club's unique referral link for their initial GymMaster consultation.
- Referrals made without the provided link will not be tracked and will not qualify.

4. New Business Eligibility:
- Only new businesses signing up to GymMaster for the first time qualify for the referral program.
- Referrals for businesses already part of the referring business's network including multi-site, affiliated businesses or franchise are not eligible.

5. Timeline Requirement:
- The referred business must sign up to GymMaster within 3 months of clicking the referral link.

6. Credit Allocation:
- The referrer receives a full credit balance applied to their account after the referred business has held a continuous subscription for the 3 months.
- The new sign-up business (referred) receives credit applied in monthly instalments, equivalent to 25% of their software subscription price.

7. Exclusions & Conditions:
- The 25% instalment does not apply to fees outside of the membership subscription, including SMS charges and module fees.
- The credit discount rate for the new sign-up business is applied based on the membership subscription chosen at sign-up.
- Any credited applied to the existing customer (referrer) cannot be used to fees outside of the membership subscription, including SMS charges and module fees.
- 'The refer a business' Program cannot be used concurrently with other offers, promotions, or discounts.
- GymMaster reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice.
- GymMaster and Treshna Enterprises strive for accurate information in advertising but do not accept liability for errors, omissions, or differences between displayed and finished products.