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Take your multi-site gym chain to the next level with GymMaster. 

GymMaster is an all in one gym management system that integrates with access control, allowing members to visit any club from a single membership and giving you the freedom to manage and grow your business.

Multi-Site Gym Door Access

With GymMaster’s integrated access control, members will be able to visit any of your clubs without having to purchase multiple memberships or keep track of multiple cards. This allows for more flexibility in how you manage your membership base and increases the value of a membership at any given club. 

Member App & Website Portals

Our app and website portals allow customers to conveniently sign up for new memberships, book classes or sessions online, check their account status and renew their membership at any time.  

Automated Billing for Memberships

With GymMaster’s automated billing feature, you can easily set up recurring payments for all of your memberships so that they can be automatically charged each month without requiring manual intervention from staff or customers alike. This ensures that revenue streams remain consistent while simultaneously reducing administrative effort on both ends.

Cross Site Reporting & Analytics

Our powerful reporting functions allow you to track usage across all sites so that you can gain insights into which locations are performing well as well as identify areas where improvements could be made in order improve customer experience across your business as a whole.

Industry Leading Customer Support 

We provide industry leading customer support with emergency afterhours lines for 24/7 assistance - no matter what time it is our team will always be available when help is needed most! From setup assistance through onboarding users and everything else in between we are here every step of the way! 

Get a free tour of GymMaster today and see how it can take your multi-site gym chain to the next level!