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GymMaster is the preferred alternative to Mindbody. See why so many gyms and health clubs globally move to GymMaster.

Mindbody is one of the largest software providers in the fitness space, but we often hear from gym and fitness club owners that Mindbody’s software doesn’t work for their business model.

They find that their staff spend too much time figuring out workarounds for issues, they get frustrated at the lack of flexibility, all while spending too much money on additional modules for the functionality that their club needs.

We understand that the software you use to run your fitness business is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Continue reading for for five popular reasons why gyms choose GymMaster over Mindbody:


Easy to Use

GymMaster is simple to navigate and feels natural to use. Each module is completely coherent with each other, integrated by design. From member management and booking to billing, point of sale and door control – GymMaster gives you a great user experience.

Fast to Use

Say goodbye to queues at reception! GymMaster is straightforward and learned quickly, making administrative and reception tasks more time efficient; and staff training a breeze. There’s no need to carve time out of everyone’s busy schedule for comprehensive training.


Rather than providing hack-around solutions that ‘kind of’ meet your needs, our support team is empowered to provide real solutions that work better for you and your business.

Custom Development

If you need small tweaks, custom reporting or even brand new features that aren’t yet part of the GymMaster software package, custom development is a realistic option. Get in touch with us for more info.

Tablet & Phone Responsive by Design

You and your staff can enjoy a completely responsive experience with GymMaster, whichever device you’re using – even the timetable that’s embedded into your website (provided your website is responsive to begin with).


Excellence in Service

Our expert training and support teams are personable and love hearing from you. We offer more staffed hours of the day for hands on support and training without long waiting times, and we will go to lengths to make sure our software works how you need it to.


Our training team promises to make sure that you’re completely comfortable with the software & will help you set everything up to your requirements. More than that – they’re always available for questions along the track.

No Hidden Costs

With GymMaster, what you see is what you get – we’re not into hidden costs, and we don’t believe in making you buy add-on APIs to get full use of the product, or charging per staff member. Our pricing page clearly outlines how much you can expect to pay, and what you can expect to get – although we love building custom packages designed uniquely for your business! Contact our sales team to see what we can do for you.

Cancellation Policy

We also appreciate that sometimes things don’t work out. That’s why we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. It’s worth noting that this is something that happens very rarely – but we’re an understanding bunch.


24/7 Door Access

Go 24/7 and save money on staffing costs while increasing your offering to your members. With a fully integrated access control system, your database and doors interact seamlessly without third party cost. It’s a win-win.

Hands-Off Gym Ownership

Our clients rave about having the ability to run their fitness centres when they’re not onsite. As GymMaster is in the cloud and accessible by web-browser, it is entirely possible to run your entire fitness business remotely.

Unstaffed 24/7 gyms are gaining huge traction, and GymMaster is fast becoming the leading choice for reliable, cost-effective 24/7 gyms in the USA and beyond.

Intelligent Hardware

GymMaster’s access control hardware has got your back. All attendance and membership info is recorded so in the case of an internet outage, the GateKeeper will continue working your doors as usual.


With a simple-to-set-up tailgating solution from GymMaster, evidence of tailgating is recorded so you can identify offending members and protect your business with ease.


Billing Provider Choices

GymMaster has integrations with a variety of major merchant processors, allowing you to choose the plan that suits your business the best. Our billing provider integration options can be found in the PCI Compliant Billing Partners section of our Integrated billing page. This gives you the power to make the choice that’s best for you, rather than just having to accept whatever is being bundled, as is the case with some alternative packages.

Billing Flexibility

Set your own billing days, frequency, and repayment plans. You have ultimate control on how you manage the financial relationship with your members, and we’re here to support you, whatever you choose.

Branded Web Portal

It’s important that you retain your brand identity, which is why we enable the Mobile Member Portal within your website – with your branding. GymMaster’s online booking functionality is richer and more flexible than competing software providers, giving you full control of what you offer your members.

Website Timetable Integration

When you update your timetable in GymMaster, the timetable on your website instantly updates, too. No more time-consuming double entry or rushed calls to your web designer.


Go Paperless with Online Contracts

Allow your members to complete the full sign-up process by signing contracts and waivers using a mouse or tablet. It’ll get emailed to them as well as holding a copy on file for your records. Easy!


Record your members progress and workout plans within your system, and let them view them via the online member portal and within the app. From measurements to full training plans, with optional links to YouTube videos to help them remember the actions, your member’s motivation will skyrocket.

Find out how GymMaster can help your business.

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