GymMaster Installation Instructions for Windows

GymMaster Installation Instructions for Windows

February 4th, 2015
If you have already installed the demonstration version, GymMaster Lite:
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Download the following three files:

  • GymMaster_Lite_Installer_4.3.1.exe
  • GymMaster_setup.exe
  • Miktex Installer * used for generating printable reports

  • Install GymMaster Lite

  • Ensure you have a working internet connection. Many components are installed or dynamically updated via the internet.
  • Download and run GymMaster_Lite_Installer_4.3.1.exe.
  • This will install the base components and the initial database.

  • Start the GymMaster Lite Installer and select ‘Next’:

    Choose components:

  • By default, ‘Network Server’ is selected. This installation option will give you the widest range of features. Click ‘Next’:
  • Contact GymMaster support