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Gym Marketing: The Importance of Cohesive Branding in a Gym Management System

5 mins read

Clear, consistent branding is key to creating a strong image for your gym business by ensuring that your customers understand who you are and what you stand for. Failure to do so can leave people confused about how to perceive your club and result in a lower number of members signing up for your gym. Branding is more than just having a logo above your door and at the top of your website. Creating a strong and cohesive brand means taking into consideration all potential touchpoints which a member may have with your business, then ensuring that each of these reflects upon your club in a way that represents how you want members and the public to perceive you.

GymMaster Installation Instructions for Windows

February 4th, 2015
If you have already installed the demonstration version, GymMaster Lite:
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Download the following three files:

  • GymMaster_Lite_Installer_4.3.1.exe
  • GymMaster_setup.exe
  • Miktex Installer * used for generating printable reports

  • Install GymMaster Lite

  • Ensure you have a working internet connection. Many components are installed or dynamically updated via the internet.
  • Download and run GymMaster_Lite_Installer_4.3.1.exe.
  • This will install the base components and the initial database.

  • Start the GymMaster Lite Installer and select ‘Next’:

    Choose components:

  • By default,