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GymMaster Installation Instructions for Windows

If you have already installed the demonstration version, GymMaster Lite: click here to skip to ‘Update to full version’

If you are just after the desktop RFID scanner and popup utility unzip this file to c:\gymmaster

Download the following three files:

Install GymMaster Lite

  • Ensure you have a working internet connection. Many components are installed or dynamically updated via the internet.
  • Download and run GymMaster_Lite_Installer_4.3.1.exe
  • This will install the base components and the initial database.

Start the GymMaster Lite Installer and select ‘Next’


Choose components:

  • By default, ‘Network Server’ is selected. This installation option will give you the widest range of features. Click ‘Next’:
  • Contact GymMaster support for further information.


Select the date format which you prefer:


GymMaster will install


When completed, select ‘Finish’


Update to full version

You now have the demonstration version of GymMaster. This version has a demonstration database, no time-limits of usage, but some limited features and a limited number of members. Now, update from demonstration version to full GymMaster Download and run the full version of GymMaster GymMaster_setup.exe


Choose components

  • Default is ‘everything selected’. Most users will not need to change this. Click ‘Next’:


Type in the registration details as supplied by Treshna. Click ‘Install’


GymMaster will install and update automatically. Click ‘Finish’ when completed


First time operation:

Select whether to configure any already-installed POS printer

  • This can be done at a later stage. You can skip over this if you wish.
  • Ensure the printer driver is already fully installed so that the printer shows up in Control Panel -> Printers, and can print a test-page from there.
  • Contact GymMaster support for further information.


GymMaster will finalise the update, and open onto the Dashboard:


If you have 24-hour access, We recommend a manual update cycle. Select Settings -> Update-drop-down -> Select ‘Never Auto Upgrade’:


This completes the setup of GymMaster