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Gym Running Costs Calculator

The purpose of this gym running costs calculator is to provide an estimate on how much you are currently Spending to keep the doors open for your fitness facility. This is to help you spot opportunities to save money.

This start a gym costs calculator will generate a ballpark figure for you to set as a target in starting your own gym. This is a simple rough estimate based on the type of gym you’re looking to start, real results May vary based on your unique gym management style and circumstances.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this gym running costs calculator?

The purpose of this gym running cost calculator is to assist you in understanding the ongoing costs of running your fitness business.

What’s the price of this gym running costs calculator?

You'll be pleased to learn that the gym running cost calculator is completely free for you to use, no hidden fees! GymMaster we're here to help you run your fitness business at any stage of your journey.

How can this calculator tell me the running costs of my gym?

The calculator works out the cost of running a gym based off of the information we collect from you and also the insights we've gained through working with thousands of fitness businesses across the world.

What’s the importance of understanding the ongoing costs of running my gym?

It's crucial to understand the ongoing costs of running your gym as this figure is the baseline as to understand whether you are profitable or not. If your costs are higher than your revenue, you're underwater and won't be in business for very long.

Does this calculator work out the running cost of any gym or just specific types?

This calculator is designed to work for almost any type of gym with it be class based, 24/7, full service health club, and anything in between.

What action should I take with the results of this calculator?

The results of this calculator should be able to assist you and spotting opportunities to make your gym more profitable. By outlining overall costs and the proportion of this that each expense contributes, you have an easy to manage checklist to work through with a fine-toothed comb.

How can I reduce the running costs of my gym?

Reducing the cost of running a gym is easy, the hard part usually comes down to what sacrifices you're willing to make on the experience of your members, staff and/or your free time.

For example you cut back on the type of equipment you offer how frequently it is maintained or trim back on the number of staff you have the passivity at the facility however whether these options are the best for your business overall is another question you need to consider.

Is there a quicker way to reduce gym running costs

Thankfully, being in the 21st-century, we now have options that not only save you money, but they do so while actually improving the member experience, making your staff enjoy their job more and save you time–all while opening doors For you to generate additional income.

These include things such as 24 seven gym access control tied into an all in one job management system can save you thousands potentially even tens of thousands every month while generating additional streams of income such as selling products through your website or running virtual fitness classes online.