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Calculate gym running costs and spot opportunities to save

See how a good gym access control system can not only free yourself from the front desk, but also be an investment generating a positive ROI for your fitness business.


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Gym Access Control ROI Calculator

This calculator is intended to give insight into the ROI you can expect from investing in gym access control based on your existing requirements, desired outcomes and fitness industry standard practices.

It is intended on providing a ballpark figure, however, your personal results may vary depending on your unique circumstances.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this gym access control ROI calculator?

The purpose gym access control return on investment calculator is to help you understand the benefits of investing in a door system to run your club 24 seven

Are there any costs for using the calculator to work out the ROI of gym access control for my gym?

This tool is completely free and designed solely to help you make an informed decision when picking a door system for your business.

Why should I calculate the return on investment for my gym access control system?

When making a business decision it's important to weigh up the costs versus the benefits, investing in a gym access system is no exception as this cannot only person provide great returns in time savings and potential options to make additional income but also through as many of these options can be quite costly upfront if you go with the wrong provider.

Do all gym access control systems offer the same return on investment?

As previously and not all gym access control providers are made the same, some systems have very high up front fees that can take a very long time to pay off. It's critical you choose the right provider to gain a timely return on your upfront expenditure.

How do I tell if a gym access control system offers higher or lower return on investment?

This tall is designed to be a one-stop shop for understanding whether your gym access control system provides a good or a poor return on investment. Feel free to return at any time if you ever find yourself in a position to weigh up options on what gym door system to use.

I’ve already got a gym door system, should I really swap out my hardware?

So you already invested in the gym door system and you’re not sure whether it is offering you a good return on your investment. This is a really complicated position to BN, however the decision can be made easy by working out how much time you’re finding yourself sinking into manning your front desk or come into the club to open doors for your members.

Click here to learn whether you should swap out or make do with your current gym door system setup.

If my existing door access system is more expensive, does that make it better?

The upfront cost has nothing to do with the quality of a gym door system, many providers am up there upfront costs as they know that you won’t stick with them for long and want to make as much money as possible. On the other end of the spectrum some systems have a very low upfront costs and make back the money through high ongoing fees.

The real way to tell the quality of your gym door system is to understand the amount of time it saves you and the ease of use their office members, and also the level of control you have over who visits and when

What 24/7 gym door system provides the best ROI?

Gym door system comes down to the being the one that streamlines your business most effectively, you have to make the least amount of compromises in the way you want to run, and offers the greatest flexibility to run your club how are you see fit.

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