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Email Settings for GymMaster Online

Emails from GymMaster are sent through GymMaster's SMTP2GO account.

By default, they will be sent 'from' but with the 'reply-to' set to the sending email - club email address, or staff email address depending on the user.

Where a club or staff email address is set up correctly, GymMaster can send the email 'from' that email address. This does also require certain records to be set up correctly with your domain DNS provider, which is likely wherever the domain was registered. Adding and changing DNS records is usually pretty straight forward, but the process is often different between providers so some technical knowledge may be required.

Your domain name will need to have:

Valid Nameserver

We start by checking the domain name is in a valid format (eg., registered, and has a nameserver (NS) record which tells the wider Internet who to ask for other records.

Valid SPF Record

When a mail server receives email saying it's 'from' a domain, it looks for a TXT record on that domain starting with v=spf1, which tells the mail server which IPs or hostnames are allowed to send from that domain.

We're specifically looking for, which lets the mail server know email sent from SMTP2GO servers is good to go, eg:

v=spf1 ~all
(Note you can only have one SPF record, so you may need to merge this into an existing record.)

Valid DMARC Record

A second TXT record starting with v=DMARC1; on the domain tells the receiving mail server what to do if the other checks fail. It needs to be one of:

  • p=reject; (bounce the email)
  • p=quarantine; (be suspicious of the email, eg. deliver but mark as spam)
  • p=none; (accept the email anyway)
eg. v=DMARC1; p=none;

Valid and Verified DKIM Record

This one's the most complex. Email sent through SMTP2GO 'from' a verified sender will be signed by SMTP2GO. The receiving mail server then checks the domain's DKIM record to find out where it can verify the signature.

This requires two CNAME (alias) records added to the domain name:

  • pointing to
  • pointing to

For the GymMaster SMTP2GO account the numeric part will always be 141848, and adding these records before setting up the domain as a verified sender will speed things up.

Email Troubleshooting Page

This is available at

Pasting in your domain name and clicking the check button will check the four required records above. The first three are straight forward, the fourth will take a bit longer especially if it's the first time the check is being run, because it will create the verified sender in SMTP2GO if it needs to. The check may need to be run again once the record has been added.

Updating Records

It can take a little while for changes to propagate around the Internet, sometimes several hours but usually a lot faster. We also cache results for an hour, so the best approach is to run the check, make any required changes, then run the check again after an hour.

Gmail and Yahoo Users

Gmail and Yahoo block sending of emails to their customers from 3rd parties using DMARC. This means that if you have a gmail address and try to send another gmail user an email, that email will not be delivered if the email was not sent through Gmail.

If you have an email address, you’ll need to have the From address as This is because gmail will block anyone claiming to be sending emails as gmail as a fake person.

In this case, it can be easier to get your own business domain name and website if you don’t want to use and as your from address, with the additional benefit of personalized branding unique to your organisation.