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GymMaster Data Transfers

It can be a tedious and daunting task shifting all your important membership data from your existing system to your new gym management software provider. To make this process easy and help alleviate this burden, we have a dedicated team who can assist our clients with the process of importing existing data into GymMaster.

If you are transferring from an existing system and have a sizeable amount of data to import into GymMaster (usually 150+ memberships), having the data transfer team assist you in this process can simplify the process and reduce the stress of migrating to a new system. Please note: Data transfers are a chargeable service which can vary from provider-to-provider. Be sure to confirm whether any charges are involved when shifting to GymMaster from your current provider.

Transfers are an inherently collaborative project and success will rely on your assistance and feedback throughout the process. Our team strives to make the transfer process as effective as possible, providing clients with complete and accurate data. However, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure all transferred data is correct and free from errors which may have occurred during the transfer process. Issues reported more than a week after the transfer date will be dealt with at GymMaster’s discretion and may carry charges.

It is highly important you read and understand the transfer process outlined below to ensure the success of your transfer and avoid these additional charges. 

Transfer process.

1) Providing sample data

To make sure we understand how your data will work in the GymMaster system, we need to see a sample of it before the final transition. From this we will go through and discuss what the data means, as terminology differs between Software systems. Ultimately you know how your gym runs best, and we’re unlikely to get the full picture without your involvement.

2) Notify previous Software and Billing providers.

After we understand what the data we’re working with looks like, we can start making plans for when the transfer takes place. To do this, you will need to notify.

  • Your current billing provider
  • Your new billing provider with GymMaster (if changing)
  • Your previous Software provider

that you are changing to GymMaster. This means either setting up new accounts to use with the GymMaster system, or asking them to provide us with your customers billing details, or tokens, that we can use.

3) Pick dates for the transfer and switchover billing

With the information gained from step 2), we can now decide on when the transfer can take place. We prefer that this is at least a couple days before GymMaster is due to take over billing scheduling for payments to give a little breathing room. Once we pick a date together, you can go back to entities mentioned in 2a, 2b, and 2c and relay those dates.

4) Day of Transfer

We would like for you to be available on the transfer date for email and phone conversations if necessary to deal with anything unexpected that may pop up. We will keep you notified as the transfer happens.

While we try to minimize the time a transfer will take once it begins part of doing so involves ensuring everything is organized and confirmed in advance. This process can take several weeks depending on availability of staff and complexity of the transfer. We need to see a sample of the data before the transfer date, to know how easy the data is to transfer. Once a date is set, we need to get the data early in the day so we can proceed with the transfer of data in a timely manner. Data transfers can take 4-30 hours. Smaller transfers are completed within 1 day ideally, with longer transfers taking up to a week.

Verifying Data: We will send a copy of a CSV spreadsheet to you of your members and memberships, and what the data will look like before doing the transfer. If the information is coming from another software system, verifying the members records look correct is important before information is loaded into GymMaster.

Clarification on memberships: Unfortunately most systems will handle membership terminology and structure differently. We will often require that you fill out a Membership summary spreadsheet to ensure accuracy. Memberships are what controls when your member pays for attending your gym, and how e.g Cash or Direct Debit. For example, a member may have a 12 Month Membership, where they pay $30.00 weekly by Direct Debit through your billing provider.

Existing software: GymMaster recommends keeping your existing software active for several weeks after the transfer date to GymMaster to ensure everything you need has been migrated accurately. Please check at least a few dozen members, and that their records match between your old and new system.

5) Post Transfer

Data Checking

Once the data is transferred the Client needs to perform a final check of the data and confirm the accuracy of the information. If any issues are discovered they must be reported to GymMaster ASAP to determine what may be done to rectify them.

  • For minor but systemic issues e.g. Home phone and Mobile phone swapped around GymMaster will generally make the adjustments.
  • For minor non systemic issues it will generally be easier for the Client to make adjustments GymMaster will assist in showing the client the best way to rectify these issues.
  • If more significant issues become apparent it may be necessary to stop the transfer process and arrange another time to go live once these have been addressed.

Keeping a local copy during transfer

In the transfer process, there may be a delay between when the data was exported from your previous system to when we load it into GymMaster. This delay may only be a few hours, or may be a few days. In these cases, you need to make sure to keep a record of all changes or updates you make in the old system. These can include…

  • Adding new Prospects
  • Creating new Memberships
  • Cancelling Memberships
  • Putting members on Hold
  • etc

When the transferred data is approved and GymMaster is ready to use, you must go in and manually make these updates in the system.

We would strongly recommend clients who are using integrated billing solutions monitor billing for the first few billing runs and that they run the Debtors and Direct Debit Exception reports on a regular basis. Also we recommend you run preview billing and check amounts and dates to be billed are correct for members in advance.

Events outside of GymMaster’s control can result in transfers being delayed or rescheduled. It is the client’s responsibility to be aware of the process used and to have read the documentation provided.

Changes to the nature or material of the transfer can result in additional charges. Requests for additional transfers can be charged for and may cost more than the original transfer.

Providers we can transfer from

  • Mindbody
  • Clubware
  • Dynex
  • EziDebit
  • Fitware
  • RhinoFit
  • Intellileisure
  • Perfect Gym
  • ABC Financial
  • Snap
  • ASF
  • Rainmaker

We can potentially transfer from other platforms, please enquire about this by emailing or your account manager.

What information can be transferred?

We focus on transferring data that is vital to your business and cost effective for you to migrate. 

What we help transfer :

Members and their information. Names, birthdate, gender, email, phone, address, joining date and other general information. If you’re not sure, check with us. 

  • Billing Information. Typically this will be tokenized billing details (e.g. credit card and bank details) and usually requires cooperation from your billing provider.
  • Active memberships. Their names, fees, billing frequency, and next payment dates.
  • The start date for this membership may not be accurate, if the member has been on hold. The end date of the membership should be accurate.
  • Next billing date. We won’t record their original first date of billing this field will be used to indicate the start of their billing in GymMaster e.g. the Next Billing Date.
  • Cancelation date if they are canceling in the future.
  • List of membership types you sell
  • Some data isn’t transferred without prior agreement as it’s less relevant, likely to cause complications, and/or expensive to transfer.

May be transferred under advisement, but will incur additional fees.

  • Member ID cards (Occasional exceptions for barcodes.)
  • Visit History
  • Communication History and member notes.
  • Products
  • Members photos
  • Members Contracts/Waivers
  • Historic/Expired memberships. Member contact details for historic/expired members can be transferred along with prospect contact details.
  • Links related to memberships. E.g Family members who pay for other members.

What we never transfer

  • Financial history of members. How members pay, and the structure of accounting in different software systems makes it very difficult to accurately transfer this data. To prevent under or over billing members we only pull across the members current
  • Membership holds. Each system deal with member holds (membership freeze) differently, and we cannot guarantee accurate data when migrated into GymMaster. Must be added manually post-transfer for future/current memberships.
  • Stock levels. A fresh stock take would need to take place after the data transfer.
  • Member Booking. Bookings tend to have a wide range of interactions with a system and this is best added manually by the gym.

Common misconceptions

Supplying Data: If you’re not sure where data is coming from, neither are we. Generally the most cost effective options will involve you supplying the data directly in our specified format. We have a standard spreadsheet template that, if filled in correctly, makes the transfer process a lot more straightforward.

If we’re receiving raw data from your Software provider or Billing provider, it will likely require reformatting which is chargeable if performed by GymMaster.

Setting a Date: GymMaster’s transfer assistance tries to make the process as simple and seamless for you as possible, but we can’t do it without you. There are a few key steps to the transfer process and we need a clear timeline on when each of these will occur to produce the best results.