Multi-site Gym Software To Help You Scale.

The only multi-site gym software offering clubs the essential tools to grow in an easy to use all-in-1 club management package.

Help your fitness club chain reach its full potential with a digital business partner by your side.

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1-on-1 Training & Support

Get trained by industry experts to use the system to its fullest.

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Tailor the System to Your Needs

Extensive list of settings and custom development options.


Provide a Consistent Club Experience.

Standardized email campaigns, branding member app and web portal.

Flexible Setup Options To Manage Your Fitness Clubs, Your Way.

We’re not just another one-size fits all multi-site gym software provider, we help owners tailor their system to match their management style.


  • Inter-club access
  • No responsibility overlap
  • Managed Individually
  • You set access rights


  • Managed Centrally
  • Heavily interlinked
  • Standardized emails
  • Shared reports
  • Managers set access

Avoid Growing Pains As Your Brand Expands.

GymMaster helps thousands of business owners keep on top of administration while growing their business. Our expert team has developed all the right tools to make this process easy:

Integrated Billing, 24/7 Access Control, Online Bookings, Marketing Automation, Online Sign-ups & more.

A Convenient & Consistent Experience Across All Your Clubs.

Set standardised system settings for all sites to ensure consistent branding and communications with customer from one club to the next.

Members can use the gym member app or online web portal to make bookings, either at their usual club or cross-site.

The 24/7 access control system can be set to allow members to visit any of the connected clubs, or just the one they sign up with.

Let GymMaster Grow Your Enterprise Like Never Before

See why GymMaster is the best multi-site gym software for your brand.